Every church has a unique identity.

‘Who’ is Holyrood Evangelical? What traits characterise us as a congregation? There are three ways to answer this question.

 First, our core values; second, our core practices; third, our history. 



Core Values

Holyrood is built on word, prayer, fellowship, and witnessing. We believe that growth in Christ depends on diligent study of God’s word, a shared commitment to prayer, regular fellowship with other believers, and courageous witness in the world. All four elements must come together for the church to be the light and salt that Christ has called us to be.

Core Practices 

We believe that a congregation is not just defined by what it believes, but also by what it does. 

There are four key practices that define our congregational life at Holyrood. They are Sunday morning worship, home groups, our prayer meeting, and the Sunday evening meeting we call ‘Equip’. Each of these meetings contributes something vital to the spiritual growth of our members. This is the basic recipe that enables us to grow in wisdom, love, and witness. 

Our History

Holyrood Evangelical Church is an independent evangelical church, formally constituted in October 2014 and located in east Edinburgh. Our building in Montgomery Street was purchased and occupied in December 2016.

The congregation has a history of conservative evangelical doctrine, formed as it was from the former Holyrood Abbey Church of Scotland, with expository preaching and prayer as central to the worship and life of the fellowship.