It’s not easy to be a Christian parent.

There are so many destructive influences that threaten the wellbeing of our children. A lot of parents are confused about what they need to be doing to help their children grow as disciples of Jesus. 

At Holyrood, we want to do everything we can to help parents raise their children as confident disciples of Jesus. In addition to Sunday Club and Youth Fellowship, we band parents together in small groups for discipleship; we organise periodic training events on Christian parenting; and we look for opportunities to include children in the shared life of the church family as a whole. 

Our goal is to set families up so that children have the teaching, support, and friendship needed to shine like lights in the midst of darkness. 

Sunday Club (ages 3-12)

We meet each week in the downstairs hall after the first part of the morning service.

Sunday Club starts with a ‘together time’ where we sing songs (with lots of actions!), share news, do quizzes and pray.  We then split into our 2 groups:

Explorers (ages 3-7)

Explorers is for children aged 3 years up to p3 at school and is led by Jean and Aileen.  We have a talk from the Bible, play games and do crafts.

Heroes (ages 8-12)

Heroes is for children in p4 – p7 and is led by Aaron and Murdo.  We read the Bible together, discuss, debate and play the odd game…

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Bible Class (ages 13 and up)

Our youth fellowship meets after the service on Sunday mornings while parents mingle with tea/coffee. We also organise periodic activities to build friendship – and add fun! – to the lives of our youth.