Don’t Let Envy Spoil Your Joy

The glory of Christ is non-competitive. To see Christ mirrored in the life of a friend does not leave me with less light to enjoy. The opposite is the case. The more I see of Jesus in you – and rejoice in the vision – the more capacity I have to reflect Jesus to someone else.

How to Satisfy a Restless Heart

How do we avoid such restlessness? The only answer is to drink regularly and deeply from a fountain that is able to satisfy the deepest cravings of the human heart. There is only one such fountain, God himself.

How to Make Washing Dishes into an Act of Worship

How do you turn an ordinary life into a life of holy devotion? Is there a way to take the burning love of the heavenly seraphim and to translate it into a mundane routine of making porridge, doing laundry, and filling out spreadsheets? Is there a spiritual alchemy by which we can turn acts too trivial for human notice into deeds of worship that bring delight and honour to the throne of glory?